Warsaw Montessori Middle School – Our Values

Dear Parents!

We the team of Warsaw Montessori Middle School (WMMS) believe that the sensorial memory of being in our early adolescent (12-15) and our late adolescent (15-18) environments (growing and raising their own food by maintaining gardens/growing vegetables, raising animals such as chickens for eggs, bees for honey, goats for milk; participating in real and meaningful business projects such as running a kitchen and a project that we will call lunch shop – macroeconomics lesson, wood shop, publicity, photography and movie documentation, hospitality projects, self-expression through music, poetry and arts and many more)

  • inform them
  • strengthen them

Through and onwards.

We have faith that creating a stable and constantly cooperative and responsible community meets the developmental imperative need for this age
Sends these adolescents into the world to reach the next level of maturity approaching adulthood.

The values that we promote and the students gain through the early adolescent Montessori program are:

  • personal responsibility and leadership
  • honesty
  • fairness
  • compassion
  • integrity

Needs of adolescents to be served in our WMMS:

  • protection during the time of transformation to adulthood
  • understanding of society (adult world) which they will enter
  • a drop of academic ability (interest) in the early adolescent stage of development; however needing to know all the facts and have many experiences to create their adolescent life as a young adult
  • sensitivity to all the criticism, to their appearance (and the appearance of family members)

We offer to serve these needs by providing:

  • society and its organisation and obligations both academic and daily living skills
  • community plan to study real and meaningful experiences, giving a sense of economic independence
  • experiences with many and all types of adults to role model, specialists and experts in many fields of activity
  • interaction with these adults
  • taking part in administration life – as the 3-6 years old can keep the environment in order, it is feasible that the adolescent should be able to organize and develop a larger environment and be responsible for its up-keep

We will take the adolescents to free and natural, uncultivated habitats – our green school and mountain trekking adventures at the elementary level, lay the foundation for greater experiences with field trips designed and organised, at the adolescent level, and the student being responsible to organise the:

  • destination
  • transport and accommodations
  • cooking and meal planning

Our WMMS program is structured to satisfy:

  • cognitive
  • physical
  • social and
  • moral developmental needs of an rebellious adolescents

Not meeting these needs often results in:

  • alienation from school
  • loss of general self-esteem and sense of belonging
  • and destructive methods of coping including delinquency and drugs (along with pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, substance abuse, eating disorders and teenage-suicide)

Given the changing economic and political climates of our society – early adolescents also faces the raise of unpreparedness for the envisioned life as adult in the 21st century.

Montessori adolescent (12-18) programs will go out into the community to give the students a wide range of projects and experiences that will never be possible in a traditional school.

Montessori Middle Schools prepare young people to enter the world of higher education armed with these and many more critical characteristics of successful students.

Graduates of a Montessori middle school are often recognized by teachers and administrators as the most strongly capable students in any incoming class.

We are convinced that adolescence is not a problem, for us – Montessorians, it is an opportunity!

our schools

  • Toddlers
    age: 12m - 2,5

    • Montessori Toddler School
      ul. Tatrzańska 5a,
      00-742 Warszawa
    • Montessori Toddler School
      ul. Badowska 19,
      00-752 Warszawa
    age: 2,5 – 5/6

    • Casa dei Bambini Warsaw Montessori
      ul. Badowska 19,
      00-752 Warszawa
    • Casa dei Bambini Izabelin
      ul. Szkolna 16,
      05-080 Izabelin
  • schools
    age: 5/6 – 18

    • Warsaw Montessori School
      ul. Szwoleżerów 4,
      00-464 Warszawa
    • Warsaw Montessori Middle School
      ul. Tatrzańska 5a,
      00-742 Warszawa
    • Warsaw Montessori High School
      ul. Pytlasińskiego 13a,
      00-777 Warszawa
    • Montessori Farm School
      Białka 155,
      21-300 Białka