Children’s imagination in a global crisis

Children’s ability to dream and imagine is extraordinary. This ability develops in an atmosphere of safeness and stability. 

When it comes to the crisis and global abstract (like pandemic) and real (like war) difficulties, children’s imaginations become their enemy. 

When children are exposed, to the information they don’t understand, they start to imagine possible (usually possible worst) events and situations. 

Having no experience or knowledge they create a parallel reality, which starts to overwhelm them. 

Bits of information from adult talks and a single flashback from the movies become a terrifying picture of the future. 

What can we do to help our children, students and young friends to calm down? What can we do to save their childhood from the adults world? 

Let’s not hide the facts. But in the same time, let’s save the comments and hysteric reactions for ourselves. 

What are the facts? 

  1. Poland is safe. 
  2. Poland is a member of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). 
  3. Poland is a member of European Union. 
  4. Poland is a part of western civilization. 
  5. Ukrainians are our friends. 
  6. Ukrainians are our neighbors. 
  7. Ukrainians need our empathy and help. 

Children have a special ability to feel adult’s emotions. Even if they don’t understand the reasons they know that something is going on. This is the emotional intelligence. 

If the child’s environment is calm and safe, emotional intelligence has a space to develop. Then from a sensitive, sensible and aware child becomes a sensitive, sensible and aware adult. 

Please, save your children from the news channels. They exude suffering. Suffering out of context causes overwhelming fear in children. 

Let’s allow children to ask questions. Let’s not be afraid to answer. Also we, parents, and teachers, have a right to not know the answers. It doesn’t mean we fail. It means we are honest. 

Warsaw Montessori School is a multicultural place. Our students and teachers come from all over the world, including Ukraine, Russia, Poland, the United States, Germany, and France. We are equal to each other and no matter where we come from, we show help, support, and respect for each other. 

Following the philosophy of Maria Montessori, we know that education is the simplest and the best way to peace in the world. We have been following this path for over twenty years. We teach our students the most important aspects of philosophy, being sure that we shape new generations that will treat freedom and respect as the inalienable right of each individual. 

This is the best time to teach the social responsibility. And this learning must come directly from us adults: parents and teachers. 

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