50 things you can do with your child Montessori way

 50 things you can do with your child Montessori way

1. Play a board game like Scrabble or Monopoly.

2. Create and origami zoo/garden.

3. Practice yoga together.

4. Karaoke together!

5. Bake together.

6. Is it time to tidy your room? Give it a new look!

7. Play chess.

8. Make a mini Marzanna doll. Spring is coming!

9. Did you read a new book? Write a book report. 

10. Write a journal.

11. Hide secret messages to communicate with your parents.

12. Create family tree.

13. Make a list with nouns of items you can find in your bedroom.

14. Pictures stories with old magazines.

15. Create your own volcano: Baking soda volcano.

16. Slime experiments.

17. Make your own musical instruments.

18. Zoo: Have your child find animals by the alphabet.

19. Make shadow puppets.

20. Draw spring pictures.

21. Imaginary play: from playing airplane to opening a pretend restaurant.

22. Set the table.

23. Make your own memory game.

24. Make your own bath bomb.

25. Make your own candle.

26. Make a nice bookmark.

27. make an exhibition of your artwork.

28. .make a sock puppet.

29. Sew your own pillow case.

30. Listen to audiobooks, music and movies  in English.

31. Make “Breakfast in Bed” for your parents.

32. Play Pictionary.

33. Teach your mom or dad to do “The Floss”.

34. Make a card and send it to a loved one.

35. Make a St. Patrick Day, Green Day-Wear Green, eat green, say the word “Green” 10 times-really fast!

36. Sort your wardrobe and toys and donate 10 items to charity.

37. Finding geometric shapes everyday objects.

38. Transferring groats from one dish to another.

39. Create choreography to your favorite song.

40. Practice Tongue Twisters.

41. Try to Juggle.

42. Have a bubble gum contest and see who can make the biggest bubble.

43. Learn how to read a map.

44. Work a crossword puzzle or a word search.

45. Word a 200 piece or more puzzle.

46. Do you know how to speak Aussie? Write down 10 words, then look up how a person from Australia would say it!

47. Do you play an instrument? Time to practice.

48. Call your Grandma or Grandpa. Ask them to tell you a funny story about when they went to school and a funny story about your mom or dad!

49. Alphabetize all the first names of the people in your family. Include cousins, aunties and more.

50. Have a Pajama Party! Do your schoolwork in your pajamas! Relax and have a fun day. You can even take a nap!

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